Daniel Hindman



My soul, beyond distant death
your image I see like this:
a provincial naturalist,
an eccentric lost in paradise.

— Vladimir Nabokov

In addition to being one half of Pure Bathing Culture, Daniel was a long time touring member of the band Vetiver, has appeared on recordings by Damian Jurado, Jessie Baylin, Vetiver, Sarah Lee Guthrie, and has worked with producers Tucker Martine, John Congleton, Richard Swift, Joe Ferla, Henry Hirsch, Thom Monahan. Additionally he has made live appearances with Vetiver, Lucius, Dawes, Fruit Bats, Richard Swift, Avishai Cohen, Mark Guiliana, Josh Dion.

Daniel is much more than an incredible musician. He is an imaginer of worlds, a wizard of soundscape, a songwriter, a lyricist, an arranger, an engineer, a thoughtful and virtuosic musician on many instruments, a conjurer of emotionality and nostalgia and an incredible collaborator. The world he and his co-writer Sarah Versprille have created together has changed and informed both of their lives, and the lives of others, in countless ways.

Robin Guthrie wrote this about himself in a bio from 2009: “The ability to express emotion with some wood, wire and electricity is something which has been somewhat of a gift as I don’t think that I’m really that clever.” There is a deep organic naturalness to what Daniel does, the music he creates and the worlds he inhabits are somehow so familiar. Listening to his songwriting instantly transports the listener…back to a moment from childhood…the first bike ride in the spring, eating a warm strawberry from the garden, smelling in the air that fall is coming, seeing the stars crisp and clear on a cold night.

Daniel’s power lies in his pure and unadulterated love for music and his passionate drive to create it. Perhaps this is why producer and songwriter Richard Swift relied on him in the studio on many instruments, lovingly referring to his playing as “blowing glass”.

He currently resides in Portland, OR.

Pure Bathing Culture:  Sarah Versprille  (L) with Daniel Hindman (R)

Pure Bathing Culture: Sarah Versprille (L) with Daniel Hindman (R)