Sarah Versprille



I got up in the night
for the Dolphin spoke to me.
He grunted beneath my window
hid by the river mist,
but I glimpsed him–a man like myself.
I threw off my blanket, sweating;
I even tore off my shirt.
I got out of my hammock
and went through the window naked…..

In addition to Sarah’s work in Pure Bathing Culture she played trumpet and keyboards in Richard Swift’s live band, was a touring keyboard player and backing vocalist for the band Vetiver, has worked in the studio with and appeared on recordings by Foxygen, Robin Pecknold, Jessie Baylin, Vetiver, Richard Swift and contributed live vocals on shows with Death Cab For Cutie, American Football, Shins, Fruit Bats and Lucius.

Sarah is a singer, songwriter, poet, painter and writer and since 2013 alongside Daniel Hindman has been one half of the band and songwriting team that creates Pure Bathing Culture. Sarah and Daniel have invented a world together that has allowed them to expand rapidly and fluidly as songwriters and musicians. A completely natural growing this magic that translates into beautiful music.

Risk and courage are inherent in making something from scratch. To conjure an idea and a feeling from thin air and make it tangible to others is the closest thing to supernatural Sarah has ever felt, it’s alchemical…it’s wizard’s work. It’s what makes her songwriting so special. In her own words “Art and music have the ability to change us in profound ways not only in our daily lives but also on a collective level. What we (I mean all of us everywhere!) make (not just art and music but our relationships and what we spend our time cultivating) can protect us and make us stronger.”

Sarah lives in south east Portland, Oregon.

…..I went down to the river.
I heard the Dolphin sigh
as he slid into the water.
I stood there listening
tll he called from far out stream.
I waded into the river
and suddenly a door opened inward,
groaning a little, with water
bulging above the lintel.
I looked back at my house
white as a piece of washing
forgotten on the bank,
and I thought once of my wife,
but I knew what I was doing.

—Elizabeth Bishop (The Riverman)

Pure Bathing Culture: Sarah Versprille (L) with  Daniel Hindman  (R)

Pure Bathing Culture: Sarah Versprille (L) with Daniel Hindman (R)